No extra charges: for play time, 
                                for medications,
                                for private rooms, 
                                for holidays, 
                                for special diet, 
                                for cancellations,
                                for trial  playday

  Half-day (up to 5 hours)                   $ 18.00
  Full-day (6-10 hours)                        $ 32.00
  Daycare package (11 visits)           $ 320.00
  or every 11th visit free

  Overnight boarding (daycare included):
  Room  (per dog/per night)                 $ 50.00
  Suite   (per dog/per night)                 $ 60.00
  Food (our food per day)                    $ 2.00 
 20% discount for multiple dogs.
  Extended stay discount available.       Every 10th night free

  Bath and brush                                 $ 30.00 - $ 55.00
  Haircut (bath included)                     $ 45.00 and up
  Nail Trim only                                    $ 12.00 

    5 Star Doggy Inn requirements:

  • Puppies: over 4 months old and completed three rounds of puppies vaccinations.

  • Dogs older than 7 months must be spayed or neutered to attend a group play. For individual players, it's not a requirement - call for details

  • Sorry, we do not working with dogs who are classified as  "bully breed" or wolf hybrids.
          (Breeds under classification as "bully breeds" : American Pit Bull Terriers,  American Bulldogs, American Staffordshire terrier,                                BullTerrier, Stafordshire  Bull Terrier and mixed breed with characteristic of this breed.)

  • Dog has to be free of fleas, ticks or contagious illnesses. 

  • We do work with special needs dogs: after surgery, special diets, dogs with limited mobility and more. Please call for details.

  • Dog has to be current on following vaccinations:
       1. Rabies (12 mo. 36 mo.), 
       2. DHPP (Distemper, Parvo, Hepatitis  within last 12 or 36 month),  
       3. Bordetella (Kennel Cough -within last 12 months)

     How to become a guest in 5 Star Doggy Inn?

           1. Owners are always welcome to visit  our facility during tour hours 

           2. Our first time guests will be possibly required (not always) to do a daycare visit(free of charge) 

           3. Fill out our APPLICATION online or download APPLICATION and send via email or fax that to us,
               with a copy of your dog's current vaccination records!              

     Hours for Pick up and Drop off: 

  Monday -Friday            7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  Saturday - Sunday       7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

  Boarding CHECK OUT time:    2:00 PM
        after 2:00 PM  - daycare charges will be applied                         
  We are CLOSED for pick up and drop off on the                 following days:  
                4th of July
                Thanksgiving Day
                Christmas Day
                New Year Day

 Visiting Hours: 

  Monday - Saturday       9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  Sunday by appointment only.
  Interview to screen your dog:  by appointment only

Call us today:
 (310) 670-5200